Our Story

How We Got Started…

Grand Opening! August 21,1991

Pictured: Ivana, Her father-in-law Anice and her husband Frank

     Ivana Di Piero was born in the small town of Rovella in the region of Calabria, Italy. Her family moved to America when she was a small child to pursue their "american dream" making Norridge, Illinois their new home. At the age of 22 her dream became reality opening a small salon and Ivana Di Piero Hair Studio was born. Her passion initiated at the age of 16  from a vocational program offered through Ridgewood High School in affiliation with Ippolito School of Cosmetology. Receiving a cosmetology license along with a a high school diploma Ivana began her career as a cosmetologist. She worked her way through college. Graduating from Dominican University with a Bachelor of Art degree in fashion merchandising she realized that her love was in the beauty industry. Ivana married Frank Di Piero in 1991 and upon returning from their honeymoon Frank brought home a lease for a salon space. To Ivana's surpise that would be the blank canvas of a dream that has lasted close to three decades. Since then they have expanded into a free standing building where Ivana and her staff offer the finest in beauty. Services include hair cutting, hair coloring, hair texture services, extensions, nails, makeup and aesthetics. Always learning and on the cutting edge of the industry Ivana Di Piero Hair Studio continues to make each day a beautiful one.